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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Sweetest things...

The other day I felt horrible, I had been fighting a migraine for going on 24 hours, been up sick and had to take a trip to L&D again to be sure missy prissy was ok due to all my throwing up. I just so happened to get on Facebook quickly when I picture with me tagged to it popped up and this is what it said: Carly drew her first cousin Jaymeson, Due October 28th.

this made my month! I have looked at this precious picture everyday since Monday. Children truly are the greatest blessing, most precious gifts from God. My sweet little Carly could have drawn anything else that night or any other night, but she was thinking about her new cousin.
I know the Kellie (Matthew's little sister,7) and Carly are excited about the baby coming (I am not sure Taylor understands really) but I do not think they are sure how to express it sometimes. 
Toni My mother-in-la informed me that "Pet Day" is coming up at Kellie's school and Kellie has asked if she can bring Jaymeson to her Pet day... Toni's response was of course, No Kellie, she is not a pet... And Kellie's response (oh so innocent) but she will be like a new puppy :) So precious!!!
I have always considered myself a very blessed individual, and moments like these, that make my heart melt and smile are just proof as to how wonderful life is! I am so thankful to have such an amazing family, and so excited to bring Jaymeson into this world and into this family! She is so lucky to have such sweet older cousins and Aunts that already love her so so so much!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I bring you an Update or should I say UpdateS... FINALLY!!!!

Hello fellow bloggers, shall I say bloggals ;) I have neglected the blog, and I am so sorry for that. I have had a serious case of bloggers block. So here I am, I am back!

A lot has happened since my last post, 21-22 weeks.Goodness that is bad... Yep, we are now well into our 34th week and extraordinarily anxious about Our baby girl coming in just a few short weeks. This pregnancy has flown by for me, and gone fairly well. At 25 weeks we had a little threat of possible pre-term labor, and I was ordered to take it down a notch, which I did and have been much better about relaxing! At 31.5 weeks we had a visit to Labor and Delivery (totally against my will, but dr said to go) due to some pain and pressure and like I thought all was well, baby girl is just resting on a nerve.
I have for sure lost my 2nd trimester energy, that left the building at about week 30. I now feel much like I did in the very beginning minus the sickness. The sleepiness hits me and there is just no shaking it. Sleeping when sleeping is supposed to happen is nearly impossible, I have had a very difficult time with my hips and getting comfortable, but that is A-ok I have decided to consider it basic training, so when I get so umcomfortable I just CAN NOT sleep I get out of bed and walk around, dance and sing with my belly. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I figure I should get used to times like this and Jaymeson should know how Mommy will console her.
I spend at least, at least 30 minutes a day in her nursery, just nesting, and making sure it is just right for baby girl. I am driving Matthew crazy with the nesting... I move things, move them back, forget where I have put them... he understands though and lets me do my thing. He is so excited as well and is going to be such a wonderful Daddy, I can not wait to see him with her and how she will steal his heart :)
Jaymeson is a VERY active little one, which brings me a lot of comfort, she is a strong little one. She gets very busy in there late at night and rests in the middle of the day, I wonder if this will be her pattern when she enters the world, some say yes, some say it was the opposite for them... we shall see.
Speaking of entering the world, this little girl is one lucky little lady. She has a family that is so excited and so anxious to meet her. Nona B (my Mom) and Poppi (my Dad) can not wait to be grandparents and I can not wait to see them with her. Aunt Katy and Uncle Andrew will be an Aunt and Uncle for the first time and I know they are super excited to welcome another little princess into the family :)
Katy, my Mom, Mother-in-law and help from my best friend from NY (Katie), threw me a beautiful shower a couple of weeks ago. My Nana came from Florida, My Aunt Susan, and Aunt Sharon from NY, and Katie (my best friend) from NY too. It was so exciting and fun to be with everyone for the weekend, I felt so incredibly blessed to see the turn out at my shower and I most definitely felt LOVED. It took me several days to make sense of all of the goodies I came home with that night, but everything found a place, got washed and is ready for use by missy prissy.
My next visit to the doctor is on the 30th of Sep, 36 weeks, and is my last 2 week appt and will go onto weekly visits until the arrival.
Thank you for not giving up on us! I promise an update right after my 36 week check up :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

This is not Just a dream... I am totally Awake

1st and foremost An appointment update from Wednesday: 
Jaymeson is doing great and right on track. She measures 1 day ahead of her 20 weeks, but they did not mention a change of due date. They measured all her parts, her brain, her spine, her belly and everything measures right and looks oh so healthy.
She was super duper stubborn and would not let them look at her "girly parts" again, but with a lot of scanning she finally showed us that she is indeed a little girl! (WHEW, we have done way too much girl stuff to have it otherwise now :/) I told the Dr and the ultrasound tech that she is just getting modest in her older age and I would like it to stay that way ;)
Other than being stubborn, she sure is an active little one. Matthew and I have finally felt BIG kicks and have enjoyed sitting on the couch in the evening talking and feeling her move all around. I have found that she LOVES Chickfila breakfast burritos and Easy Mac (not together, well probably, but we wont go there). She goes NUTS in my belly after I eat one of the two of these... it is fun, but could cause an issue with the lb's for her mommy down the road :/ so we might have to be careful with that. But for now since I have only gained 4lbs total I think I am ok! especially with my newly found energy this month... it is near impossible to keep me down. So I am letting myself indulge in the few things I do crave for now :)
Secondly, My heartfelt feelings about this experience...
With 20 weeks officially and LITERALLY under my belt, I have sunk into reality a little with the fact that we will be holding our little one in just a few months, and as quick as this 20 weeks have gone... I am sure the next 20 will go even faster! It is all so surreal, amazing, terrifying, and joyous all rolled into one ball.
I have thought about this time, I dreamed of it, prayed for it and here I am, here WE are getting ready for a little one. I always wondered what I'd look like 5 months pregnant...I now know... not too bad if I say so myself :) I am positive my feelings on this will change soon enough ;) I dreamed of what it would be like to feel my baby kick and move around inside me... I now know... I have felt the most amazing feeling in the world. I have prayed for God to bless us with a baby and allow us to delight in all of these wonderful moments, and while I do not have our baby in my arms yet, I KNOW truly how blessed I am. I knew before that our God is an awesome God, but to make this happen and to have helped create such a miracle and to allow Matthew & I grow, teach, and raise one of his very own.... I am overwhelmed with emotion and thanksgiving!
I read something the other day, written by a single Dad, that not everyone gets the chance to be a parent. That hit hard, and made me realize even more so just how blessed we are and how that blessing continues to grow as the years pass by and this little one turns into an adult and hopefully one day will experience the amazing journey we have only simply begun.
I know reality is not all rosy and there will be days I just want to cry and want my Mommy to hold me...But with God by our side we will get through those moments And quickly head back into bliss with our little one who knows no better but to Love us so unconditionally, with our #1 job and priority to do the absolute same. I pray that God gives me the strength and the leads the way for me to be the best Mommy I can be, and for Matthew to be the best Daddy he can be.
I will be the first to admit with all of this pregnancy stuff that I am going a wee bit overboard, but I believe it is kind of a right of passage for a First Time Mom (a title I totally believe gets to be capitalized in it's entirety).
I guess it is just me putting my excitement for this baby into action, and Through this blog I get to put it into words.

From Pregnancy Pics

~ Thank you for reading our blog, keeping up and being a part of this amazing experience with us!!
Jessica and Matthew

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We are Coming right along

Well being the anxious person that I am, You must know we got started on Missy Pooh's nursery RIGHT away! Honestly, I can not believe how ready Matthew was to do this as well! he likes to think things completely through before really getting started and we just jumped in and got to business in there. I think It also had a tad to do with the fact that Christy Butler came to paint and helped carry the "positive, creative waves along"

We have the walls completely painted, color matched to her bedding (total last min. decision), and Christy has come on her days off to paint the "special project" :) I personally think this nursery is absolutely precious, but that has nothing to do with it being my vision. Promise!

Her furniture should be here in several weeks :( I can not wait for it to come! I can not get over how long it takes for things like that to order... I was a little freaked out at first, doing the math in my brain after the store told us it took 13 weeks, but then realized just how much there is to do before we can actually put the furniture in place... so we are working on all that in the meantime...And adding to the already (what seems to be) endless list of "to do's".

In addition to being ohhh so busy in her room, I have been ohhh so busy contributing to her closet and her little wardrobe ;) Me+baby girl=lots of shopping!!!!!

Well it is now really obvious that Jaymeson is growing in my belly, and has popped out for all to see! She has been quite the little kicker and mover as well and LOVES to ramp up the energy level just as I am ready to take it down a notch, which ends up getting me so excited I can not fall asleep (which is totally a-ok)(keep on moving little one).

Last week we went to see Dr. Arona for our scheduled monthly visit, and got a great report from our last part of the Downs and S.B test with everything being totally normal. We did not have an ultrasound, but Dr. Arona did listen to Jaymeson's heart beat with her little doppler machine and it was good and strong!
We go back on the June 9th for an U/S and just a check up,which will be 20 weeks exactly. We got a little off track with keeping it right on the turn dates and Dr. Arona wanted to get it back on schedule, also she knows how nutso I am and did not want me to have to wait for another month before we saw Jaymeson again.

Some of you might already know this, but I must explain my love and adoration for this Dr! Audrey Arona is one amazing individual and I am so glad that I have fallen into her hands. I have never met a DR that every time she sees you hugs you and kisses you and sincerely makes you feel as if you are her only and number one priority. She is hands down the busiest dr in a very large practice and other than having to wait a few extra minutes sometimes, she never shows it! I can not wait for my baby to be delivered by such a warm, loving person and outstanding Doctor. Ok, So I love her a little :)

A pic of progress, room and belly: (more to come very soon!)
From Pregnancy Pics
** I decided I did not like my appearance in the last pic in her room, and Matthew liked my outfit today so I decided to put this pic up instead ;)**

(I can not figure out why the black spots are coming up on here, but this is her bedding and the dark purpley color is the actual color of her walls in her bedroom)
From Pregnancy Pics

Monday, May 10, 2010

We are tickled pink and happy to say a darling baby GIRL is on the way!

On Friday, I called the doctors office to get a refill on my prenatal prescription and my friend Brittanie answered the phone... When I told her my reasons for calling, she asked me if I wanted to stop in and take a peek to see just what baby JAC is???? Ummmmm.... let me think..... Y-E-S!!!! I could not stand it anymore and her asking that came in the nick of time, because I was going crazy waiting for the 24th!!

So at 1:54pm on Friday the 7th of May we found out that our little miracle is a Girl!!! Miss Jaymeson Ansley Cucuzza will be joining our little crew in late October. She is a long baby already (so they tell us) and is always stretched out. They checked all her organs, and everything looks perfect and healthy and said they will do another run through of all of them at my 20 week appointment. Although it is early to find out the gender (little over 15 weeks)Dawn, our Ultrasound Tech, was very thorough and bet her paychecks that she is a girl! 99% sure ;)
Needless to say this made my (Soon To Be) Mother's Day!
Here are a few pictures of our visit and one of my belly progress :)

From Pregnancy Pics

*I hope all of you ladies who keep up with us through here had an amazing weekend and a Very Happy Mothers Day! You all deserve to be celebrated for being the WONDERFUL Mothers and Women you are :)